Monday, January 5, 2015

Filled me up

2014 Christmas card photo, taken by my sister

The entire holiday season has come and gone, without documentation of any kind in this space. It was probably the best one yet, but I didn't have any desire to write about it.

I've gone through periods like this before when I simply didn't feel like blogging at all, but after a little break, I would start composing posts in my head, feeling refreshed and exciting about Fresh Basil again. My mind is buzzing these days, but not with blog posts.

This was difficult to realize and accept, because this has been such a wonderful outlet for me over the years. I have loved having a place to write my thoughts down and neatly package our experiences at home and away into compact and well-defined narratives. I made this, I went here, I found this - you should, too!

This blog has filled me up at times when I was bored or lonely or felt stuck, and it's given me a space to share so many happy occasions, including the big ones like our engagement and wedding, buying and renovating our house, and pregnancy and the start of parenthood.

There will likely be times ahead when I am bored or feel stuck, and there will certainly be many happy occasions to celebrate. But it feels like the right time to stop maintaining Fresh Basil, despite the knot it gives me in my stomach every time I read over this sentence.

Thank you - so very much - for coming to this space to read and check in. It has been an absolute pleasure to keep up with old friends and make a few new friends here over the years. If you'd like to continue checking in, please do find me on Twitter or Instagram. Both are private accounts, but I would happily welcome any and all former blog readers into the mix!

Happy, happy new year, my friends. I hope 2015 fills you right up.

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