Monday, June 9, 2008

Let's Talk About Food, Baby!

I am completely and totally in love with pod casts. I know I'm about to admit something totally lame, but truth be told, pod casts are the only reason I ever use my i-Pod. To me, they offer all the incredible benefits of Tivo -- you get to pick from a list of your favorite shows and listen to them whenever you want. This weekend, while Peter and I were fleeing the hot, sticky city for a day at the beach, we totally gorged on new pod casts. We tried a few of the NPR Food pod casts for the first time, and much like my beloved NPR Books podcast, they were a bit hit and miss, but mostly hit.  

The annoying parts mostly draw from NPR's most irritating show -- the Bryant Park Project.  The hosts have loud, grating voices, ask stupid questions, and talk aimlessly about nothing.  But the pod casts are redeemed by things like an interview with the Neely's, or a long chat about Greek feta, or an explanation on how to pick the perfect strawberry.  

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