Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Almost there

I love the holiday season. Peter made fun of me last night because I started whining about it being over soon, to which he replied -- quite correctly -- that it hasn't even officially started.

It's just so short. I want the food and the decorating and the parties to last a lot longer than five weeks. Am I alone here?!

Anyways. I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, and I'm feeling very grown up about it. To be fair, though, I'm only cooking for six people, and three of them are in my immediate family. Not so high stress.
This weekend, my mom and I spent some time putting the menu together, taking lots of inspiration from Good Housekeeping. Is it embarassing for a person under the age of 25 to declare their love for this magazine? I hope not, because I totally fell in love with this issue of Good Housekeeping. All the recipes were simple and quick and a little bit fancy. My favorite combination.

We're still tweaking our menu a little bit, but this marmalade cranberry sauce is definitely going to make the cut. Doesn't it sound great?

And, for even more inspiration, the New York Times dining section is all about Thanksgiving this week! I particularly loved this article about the (mostly) ignored cranberry.
*Photo from the New York Times.

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