Friday, November 7, 2008

TC: S5

Peter and I are so excited for Top Chef to return next week. New York magazine loves the show way more than we do though, so its always a great spot for Top Chef news. Sometimes the magazine will ask a food-ish person to keep a diary of all the amazing things they eat for a week (Like this fun one with Lidia! I just love her. And her grandmother.). And what do you know -- this week Top Chef judge Gail Simmons did it!

She's not my favorite person on the show (isn't she a little harsh sometimes?), but this is a fun article about all the fantastic places she visits. This is my favorite thing she wrote:

"At the end of the day I went over to Nikki Cascone’s restaurant, 24 Prince, and we had pizza night together. I came up with three special pizzas for the night. The first was a sweet-potato purée base with roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, ricotta salata, and fresh sage. The next was basic tomato with Pecorino and Comte cheese with sweet sausage topped with fresh arugula, and the third had a jalapeño-and-caramelized-onion relish with pulled roasted chicken, roasted fennel, and garlic. That’s really what I ate for dinner, I had a few bites of each."

Don't those pizzas sound great? Especially the sweet potato. Maybe the perfect thing to make for the night of the premiere!

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