Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gotta have sole

I have bad shoe taste. Well, that's not true exactly. I can pick out cute shoes, really I can. I just refuse to wear ones that aren't comfortable. And I mean seriously comfortable. That's why I end up wearing these about 99% of the time when it gets cold out:

The other 1% of time is spent in ballet flats. But those are looking shabby these days. I can do better! (Probably.) I got paid today, and that only happens once a month, so it's cause for celebration. The time for an upgrade is now!

I know the shoes above aren't a huge step up from Merrill clogs, but they are cuter, right? Please say yes.

And I know these red shoes are fun. They are Anne Klein iFlex shoes. Super, super comfortable. I would recommend them to other people who hate when shoes pinch and give blisters. What am I saying, everyone hates pinching and blisters. I now recommend these shoes to absolutely everyone.

Last but certainly not least, aren't these white flats pretty?! I saw them posted on a wedding blog. I think these are darling wedding day shoes. But sadly, they are almost sold out from Nordstrom. If you have very small or very large feet, you should snap them up! I wish I could!

P.S. Finding new shoes is a hobby, right?

I didn't think so...

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