Monday, November 2, 2009


I can get fixated on things around the apartment that I want to change or upgrade. For a few weeks this fall, I spent a chunk of each day looking for a chair for the living room that I felt we just had to have. Once I found it, I moved on to looking for a new shower curtain.

This week, I really wanted to start decorating for the holidays, but I know that's a bit crazy. So to distract myself, I'm trying to find a pretty new rug for the dining room. I saw some cute things at Target last night that I really liked. But I am too cheap to buy them full price (even at low Target prices!). I will search Craigslist until I find something!

Here are some of the pretty rugs I really like:

From Pottery Barn

From Target


  1. That new living room chair didn't replace Peter's favorite recliner, did it?

    We had SO much fun with you guys on Saturday night. I hope our paths cross again soon.

  2. Ha! Sadly, the magenta recliner was abandoned all the way back in Arlington!

    And I really hope so, too!


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