Tuesday, November 17, 2009

On the green

We were able to fit in 9 holes of golf on Sunday morning before heading back to Brooklyn. It was lightly misting, which of course made me feel like a very intrepid sportswoman. Tough, dedicated, and all of that.

We went to Willow Brook in South Windsor, which is an Executive Par 3 course. Beginning golfers, can I give you a quick suggestion? Seek out an Executive Par 3 course! It is so gratifying to see the hole when you are at the tee, and know that it is a manageable distance you can actually hit.

We've played on larger courses before this, and it is really difficult to not get frustrated while you hit and hit and hit the ball, creeping closer to the hole. I can't tell you how obnoxiously pleased I was to drive the ball onto the green a few times. And even to make par on one hole!

Well, I guess I will admit that it involved hand-punching, some cheering, and a lot of fishing for compliments. But that's normal, right?


  1. Thanks, Kate! Hand punching and fishing for compliments certainly felt natural at the time...


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