Thursday, November 5, 2009


Every year, my mom bought paperwhite bulbs to grow in our house during the holiday season. I love this tradition, and do it every year in my own apartment. It's so lovely to actually have something growing this time of year as opposed to dying. Some people don't like the scent they give off, but I think it's very nice and clean.

This is a fun little trick from Margaret at A Way to Garden: add 1 part alcohol to 8 parts water for your paperwhites. This prevents them from growing too tall and flopping over! I'm going to try it this year with my new little bulbs. I wonder if my flowers will like gin as much as I do.

They'll grow incredibly fast -- practically before your eyes. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Love these! My mother always forces bulbs in the winter, and every time I go home for the holidays, she has a whole windowsill of them. So beautiful. Maybe it's time to take up the tradition!

  2. Oh, you should!

    I think there's something so comforting about following little traditions my mom had, especially this time of year.


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