Wednesday, December 2, 2009


When we got back to New York on Sunday night, I couldn't fight the holiday decorating urge any longer. I put these cute star lights up on the mantle in our bedroom. I turn them on every morning when I'm getting ready. They cast a very flattering glow for putting make up on! And only $1.99 from Ikea!

My paper whites are in bloom. I must not have given them enough gin though, because when I came home last night, they were completely toppled over. Time to start again with new bulbs.

Happy holiday decorating to you!


  1. Thanks! It's same one we had up in North Nelson. Still looks good.

  2. YAY for holiday decorating!! I just finished my Christmas tree!! Pictures to come soon!!

    I can't wait to see all your decorations at your holiday bash!!

  3. Sam, I have a feeling your decorations will put mine to shame!


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