Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fair point

Peter and I got into an awesome discussion last week about the music we'll have at the wedding.  A older gentleman from a band in Boston gave me a call, and he sounded nice, so I could have been 100% ready to book him after chatting for 10 minutes.
Peter was like, "Umm...do you think maybe we should hear them first?"

Fair point, fiance. Fair point.  I knew there was a reason I was marrying you. 

The truth is, I could be perfectly happy listening to Tony Bennett on repeat throughout our entire reception.  Peter could not.  Our guests are probably happy to hear that. 

We are thinking more about bands and DJs and iPods.  How to decide?  The only thing I know is that I want moments like the ones above.  I love these photos so much.  The first is from Holly Burns' wedding, of her siblings doing a dance routine to "Baby Got Back" (note to siblings: you should all get on this).  The second is Peter and me at a wedding earlier this fall. 

The last one is my favorite.  I love all the photos from this wedding, but this is the best.  Look at the bride's attitude.  And all her cute friends!  So awesome.  And so fun looking. 


  1. i love this blog entry. It made me laugh and then laugh again even harder. I'm sensing you would like me to choreograph an opening number? Did i pick up on that hint correctly?

  2. I can't believe you got that through this post! (Maybe I need to work on my subtley?!)

    This could be an awesome bachelorette weekend activity!

  3. YES!! I love choreographed dances!! Ahhh!! I will work on beefing up my "attitude face" for the big day... hahaha!!

  4. YAY! Sam, so glad you are board! A warning: I may totally chicken out on this, but so happy to have your enthusiasm.


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