Friday, January 29, 2010

Travel identity crisis

I thought we were going to Paris for our honeymoon, I really, really did.  But a few days ago, we were looking at my parent's timeshare book and all the awesome places we can visit, and friends -- we have been swayed. 

Now our thoughts are floating to Hawaii, Thailand, Spain and more. 

Peter and I like to say to each other, "Whatever we decide, it will feel like the right thing."  We say this about a lot of things, like whether we should have sushi or Thai, go skiing Saturday or Sunday, look for a new apartment or stay put, and the answer is usually, "Whatever we decide, it will feel like the right thing."  It's a surprisingly reassuring answer.  You can do no wrong! 

The problem was, we could not decide. The options were too good, and they all felt like the right thing. I can imagine a fantastic vacation in all of those places.  They all feel like the right thing.  So we put in a bid for Spain, France, and Hawaii resorts, and we may add more to the list.  Fate will decide for us!  Scary, but kind of fun, right? 


  1. With those choices, how could you go wrong?? Though, on the dining front, you may want to hope for France or Spain. Just sayin'

  2. SOOOOOO FUN!!!! Fabulously FUN... and it WILL be the right thing!

  3. Yay, Kate, I know! SO FUN!

    And Jessica, I know! Food considerations are incredibly important when thinking about vacation. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

  4. Thanks, BBL. It's true -- they would all be fabulous and fun!

  5. YES!! These would all be awesome!! Can't wait to hear where you'll end up!!

    How exciting!!

  6. Oh, thanks, Sam! Honeymoons really are one of the best parts of wedding planning. YAY!


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