Friday, February 19, 2010

New Google Search Tips

I love David Byrne. Peter and I talk about him so much that if either of us says, "David!" we know who the other is talking about.  

Because it's always David Byrne.

I was perusing his website the other day, as I sometimes do (when I want to visit him?), and I found this on his search page: 

New Google Search Tips:
  • “It's always in the last place you look”
  • “Try getting into the frame of mind you were in when you lost it. Think to yourself, where would I have put it?”
  • “Tell yourself you never cared much for it anyway — then it will suddenly appear”
  • “When you organized everything the other day you put it away where it belongs”
  • “You are only imagining that you ever had it. It was never here to begin with”
  • “The dog took it”
  • “The search is more interesting than the answer”
  • “The search IS the answer”
Funny, right?  Or is my deep, deep love blinding my impeccable sense of humor?  

And on another note:  David, please -- will you and your awesome back-up dancers come to our wedding and sing?  Because let me tell you.  The wedding band circuit is seriously lacking.  Lacking in talent.  Save us from this hell-ish search!

For your reading pleasure, here is a snippet of an actually response from a band we contacted: 
In addition, we work with several area dance callers and can provide as part of the evening festivities, a participatory square or contra dance that would be sure to please.  Our callers work with complete beginners teaching each dance and doing a walk-through before the actual dance starts with music. 
Oh WOW.  Partner folk dance lessons AT THE WEDDING.

Google is so not helping me out.  


  1. David would suggest searching for the band where you least expect it.

    He would also bring interpretive dancers with him if we hired him for our wedding.

    And wear a white tuxedo.

    We should be so lucky.

  2. How about this: I'll wear a white vinyl mini dress, you wear the white tuxedo, and we'll perform all the songs and dances ourselves.

    Deal? Deal.


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