Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This was one of my favorites: Shimmering Substance by Pollack

We all go through phases when we are gung-ho, model tourists in our own cities, right?  But it can be really hard to drag yourself out to see the cool concert or new fancy cocktail bar. When it feels so difficult, though, we probably need it the most.

On Friday night, Peter and I went to MOMA for the first time.*  Walking around, chatting about paintings and architecture models and photographs -- it was very romantic.  He held my really heavy winter coat the entire time, and if that isn't enough to make you melt, well, I guess you have higher standards than I do?  (Plus, melt!  Winter coat joke!  Oh yes, pun intended.)

We also realized while wandering around that we'd never been on a proper museum date before.  Oh my gosh, four years in and we finally realize we are cultural lame-heads.  So sad.

Not to worry -- the situation can be remedied. Peter, Met date on Friday night?  Or, you know, sometime before 2014.

*MOMA is free every Friday night!  But I bet all you cultural non-lame-heads already knew that.


  1. Never been to MOMA? Surely you are not counting the time you nearly-went to MOMA...came all the way from Brooklyn to meet Adam and I, only for the museum to be closing in a few minutes. How wonderful to finally go! I love the room with the furniture!

  2. Ha! That first thwarted attempt was vastly improved by a massive pile of Rare French fries! Yum.

    We'll have to actually go together when you guys are in the city again. Come soon, okay?


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