Monday, March 22, 2010


My first-born patchwork pillow!

My mom helped me finish it up this weekend with her sewing machine.

I kind of take back what I said before about wanting a machine.  It was so hard!  And that ruffle -- I was ready to pull it out.  It was seriously misbehaving.  

But now it's done and I love it so much.  I kept stroking it on the night it got finished.  And I told Peter he can't rest his head on it for too long since he has a giant head and I was afraid he would make it lumpy.

I guess I'm still in my fragile new mother state.  Sorry, Peter!  I'm sure I'll be over it in six months or so. 


  1. Really lovely! Nice work. And your comment about Peter has me cracking up. I'm protective of my pillows, too. My husband and your soon-to-be husband understand, right?

  2. Thanks, Emily! And yes, he is very, very understanding. Luckily for me.

  3. I can totally about making a Peter-specific pillow? I had a throw pillow on our couch that I didn't want to share with Adam, so I made one for him and he loved it.

    Another project for you and a pillow just for him; it's a win-win.

  4. I'm so glad to hear others chime in with similar throw pillow issues! We should start a club.

    Ashley, that is a great idea. I was actually just looking at all the left-over fabric I have from this project, and the wheels started turning!

  5. wow!!!!! youve got real talent!!!!

  6. Thanks so much, BBL! It's easy though...not special talent. You could totally do it!

  7. This looks fantastic!!

    Way to go, Julie!!

  8. Thanks so much, Sam! All these compliments are really going to go to my head.


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