Monday, March 29, 2010

Best place in the house

Since I was about eleven years old, I've always thought that showers were the best place in the house for a bad guy to hide.

Peter was in New Orleans for his bachelor party this weekend, so I spent the last three days bravely pulling pulling back the shower curtain every time I went into the bathroom.  (What in the world would I do if I saw a bad guy standing in my shower?)

Also, every time I turned on the TV, no matter what channel was on, it seemed like reruns of Law and Order were playing.  Only the worst show ever for a girl to watch while alone in her NYC apartment!

All this to say, Peter, I miss you very much.  I wish it was Wednesday and we were in Florida together.


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I look behind the shower curtain, in closets, and behind doors...since Adam's been away most of March, I've felt the same way!

    You would have thought we grew up in some dangerous place or something.

  2. Living by yourself is scary! I actually developed all these habits when I would come home to an empty house in middle school (in our very safe, lovely home town). Totally irrational!

  3. Julie I remember this about you. Sorry you scared yourself! Law & Order does replay a LOT!

  4. Thanks, Bryn. I'm so happy I survived! I'm so not cut out to live alone...


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