Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Thank you

A girlfriend of mine once said a wedding is like one giant stream of thank you notes.  I have always had a big basket filled with treasures from the Crane paper sale, but in the last few months, my stash has taken a serious hit.

It's all for a good cause, of course.  And I actually like writing thank you notes.  Dare I say: I love it.  

In order to stay on top of it all, I've adopted a kind of compulsive habit.  Meaning, I write the note immediately after the gift has been opened or the event occurred.

In order to facilitate this process, I keep pretty note cards, a pen, and stamps under my coffee table all the time.  Make sure everything is housed in a decent looking box, or else you'll be tempted to put it away.  But I've found that having all of the materials ready at hand makes it as easy and painless as possible.

Thank you for stopping by Fresh Basil today.  It has meant so much to me!

See what a natural I am?


  1. I used those same note cards for some of my thank-yous! And now I use the pretty box to hold necklaces.

    Do you go to Scaredy-Kat on 5th Ave? They have the best stuff there.

  2. That's me, Beth... I can't really figure out Blogger half the time.

  3. I keep thank you cards and notecards in my desk at work's amazing how many notes i end up writing here!

  4. Bravo for keeping on top of your note-writing! Isn't receiving a thank-you note in the mail one of the most heart-warming feelings? It's so nice that I always get the ridiculous urge to write a thank-you note in thanks for their note. But I restrain myself because it could really start a crazy spiral of appreciation.

  5. Beth, that's so funny - Peter gave these to me as a gift, and I think he got them at Scaredy Kat!

    Kate, having note cards at work is best. Not to sound like a slacker, but there is nothing better than getting it done while at work!

    Beth, so funny that you said that. I've also had the urge to respond to a thank you card, but I always restrain myself, too. Maybe we should just go for it! They bring so much joy.


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