Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tie it up

You guys, we are having a tough time picking out ties for Peter and the groomsmen.  

I was originally planning on fun pink ties, but the wonderful man at Zabians, where we have been doing all our menswear wedding shopping, convinced me that pink would be bad with my ivory dress and the men's ivory shirts.  

He said that a tie with navy would be dressier and look better with ivory.  I tend to agree, but all the men are buying their own navy suits to wear.  What if the blues don't match?  Am I being crazy?

(Source -- looks tan here, but the big stripe is actually silver)

I think these are the front runners.  Want to vote on a favorite?  I have tie shopping fatigue and don't trust myself.


  1. I vote option one: keeps a bit of pink in the mix! It's simple but classic and fun...

    However, they are all great!! Nice options!!

  2. I vote #1, too, but I would also be worried about the blues matching. Are the guys all getting the same brand of suit?

  3. I vote for the first one with polka dots. Neal wore a grey tie with lighter grey polka dots and I loved it.

  4. Thank you so much for chiming in, ladies! I love #1 too, but I'm still worried about the blue on possibly-not-the-same-blue-issue.

    Maybe I'll steal your idea, Bryn, and try thinking in the grey/silver family?

  5. I vote for #1, unless you're really concerned about the blues clashing. Can you find something with the opposite scheme, i.e. pink with blue dots or stripes?

  6. Emily, I think you're right: looking for something similiar but in an opposite color scheme might be the way to go!

    Thanks for indulging me with this one, ladies. You've been super helpful!


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