Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Only briefly

It's hot out, no?  I think you would enjoy this for dinner.  I did.

It's an almost nicoise salad (no tomatoes -- they are deadly).  I boiled a few potatoes and poured a simple Dijon vinaigrette on top, steamed some green beans, sliced up a cucumber and threw in some olives.  Peter expertly grilled the tuna steaks.  Yes, you have to turn on your stove.  But only briefly!  Only briefly, guys.  It's worth it.

Plus, no plates!  Eat it out of a giant bowl.  It's really fun to fight over the last bite of tuna, potato and green bean (the three components of a perfect bite).

P.S. I obviously gave Peter the last bite, because I'm very nice.  Oh, love...sometimes that's what it comes down to, right?


  1. I made a very similar salad on Sunday night! Except I used canned tuna. And Devin was out of town so I had the whole giant bowl to myself!

  2. Canned tuna = no oven! Fabulous idea, Beth.

  3. That salad looks quite yummy! What a great summer dinner!!


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