Thursday, June 3, 2010

Really interesting TO ME

It's been a little quiet around here, but that's because my days have consisted of things like shopping for out of town bag goodies, emailing a bunch of vendors, and putting my awesome sticker machine to good use.  Umm...and working very hard at my job.  Obviously!

These are boring topics to the outside public, and yet, they keep spilling out of my mouth.  Like so:

"Let me tell you 1,000 awesome things about my personal sticker maker!"

"Look at these calligraphy pens from Michaels!  Ahh aren't they fun!?"

"Should we rent a convertable in Hawaii?!  I love convertibles!  Should we rent one, or no?!?" 

So yeah. Barrels of fun!!!  I won't be offended if you just want to come back in August when I share fun things about the honeymoon.  Until then, expect some deep, deep thoughts about personalized M&Ms and the Lilly Pulitzer warehouse sale!


  1. Keep it coming! I love to read all of it! By the way, I have a basic Xyron! And I shop at Michael's (with my coupon) every week!

  2. 1. i want to play with your sticker maker
    2. love that you can write in calligraphy
    3. love little details
    4. pretty sure i missed my calling in life because i could read wedding stuff and get excited about it all day every day
    5. personalized m&m's? YES!
    6. lilly pulitzer warehouse sale... counting down the minutes.

  3. Oooh, thanks for your excitement, ladies!


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