Monday, August 16, 2010

So you're going to Kauai

1. Golf. Do you like to golf? Have I got the deal for you. Go to Kukuiolono and play 9 holes for $9. Ocean views, cliffs, big sky. It will be one of the more enjoyable (and cheap) afternoons you spend on the island.

2. Visit a Japanese tea room. I celebrated my birthday on Kauai, and we went to Hanamaulu Tea House for dinner. Fabulous.

3. Stop at Wailua Falls, where they shot the opening of Fantasy Island (?). Very pretty.

3. Drive around Waimea Canyon. Did you know there was a giant canyon on Kauai? I didn't either. Like the Grand Canyon, but green!

4. Spend the day on Hanalai Beach. Mountains, sand, and showers -- the perfect combination.

5. Hike the Na Poli Coast. Now, I will admit that this was not my favorite. I discovered I am not much of hiker! The wind and rain and extreme mud kind of turned me off. But you get views like this -- views you can't get anywhere else. One of Peter's favorite afternoons.

6. Make sure you are in Kauai on a Thursday so that you can go to fish taco night at Hanalai Gourmet. Life changingly good. I'm serious. Also order the tempura-battered artichoke hearts.

7. Grab a drink at Tahiti Nui. Really reasonable cocktails and fun live music.

8. Go to a farmer's market. We made a few dinners at our resort (I was v. creative with the microwave and grill on site!). We had amazing fresh fish, long beans, purple potatoes, mangos, butter avocados, fancy fresh figs...the list goes on and on. So fun to try things we never get at east coast farm stands.


  1. These photos are awesome! I especially like the one from the hike with the mist - how cool!

    And, SO fun that you got to cook with fancy, fresh ingredients like figs!! YUM!!

  2. WOW! This is fabulous! looks so pretty ... I would like to go!

  3. Thanks, Sam! Going to that cool farmers market and grabbing whatever reminded me of your mystery CSA boxes! So fun.

    BBL, you guys need to go. You would absolutely love it!


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