Thursday, September 2, 2010

iPod updates

Are you getting out of town tomorrow? Everyone needs a last summer hurrah. Here are few fun things to listen to while you're on your way:
  • Rewind: A new (to me) podcast from CBC -- thanks, Martha!
  • Live Concerts from All Songs Considered: Definitely check out the ones from the Newport Folk Festival. I want to go to that so badly!
  • Spilled Milk: Once I got over the fact that Molly Orangette's voice in real life is completely different from the Molly Orangette voice in my head, I was set.

  • Sound Opinions: My favorites are when the Rock Doctors are called in to diagnose your musical ailments. It really boosts my confidence when it comes to my own musical taste because, least I don't come home and watch Phish concerts on YouTube for three hours every night!

Do you have any fun new podcast discoveries to share?!


  1. I just listened to this Writer's Almanac about Chez Panisse last night and really enjoyed it--the poem is pretty great, too! You would have to string a lot of Writer's Almanacs together to fill up a whole road trip, though.

  2. Beth, I love the Writer's Almanac! I usually read it in email form, but there's something so wonderful about hearing Garrison read it to me.

    On the iPhone, you can download a bunch of podcasts, start at the end of the list, and it will just continuously play! Genius.


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