Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Documentary watching: strange and interesting people

Herb and Dorothy are a darling old couple that spent their lives collecting modern art on the modest salaries of a postal worker and a New York City librarian. Seeing their apartment made me a little twitchy, but it's an inspiring story about priorities and spending time and money on things you love.

I Like Killing Flies is a super quirky movie about Kenny Shopsin and his family, chronicling their move from a tiny hole in the wall restaurant to a slightly larger hole in the wall restaurant. This made me crave their almond joy pancakes like you would not believe.
Seen anything good lately?!


  1. Quirky suggestions--I'm adding them to our Netflix queue now!

  2. Did you guys ever go to Shopsins when you were in NYC?! If not, it must be on the to-do list next time you visit!

  3. I loved I like Killing Flies. Herb and Dorothy is on my queue. Did you see Babies? It's pretty cute.

  4. SoP, I haven't seen Barbies! I'll have to check it out.


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