Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Heart & Evergreen Pillow

Yay finished!

I'm not sure it's best to write these posts up right after I finish a project, because I'm inevitably really sick of whatever project it is.  But, here is the little heart and evergreen pillow! I might be more of a Rachel Ray when it comes to crafts -- 30-60 minutes start to finish sounds perfect right about now.

When working on each individual square, it felt very whoa pink and green, but all together it's much more neutral.

I was recently gifted a lovely new sewing machine, but I'm intimidated by it, so this was done all by hand (I know that it's insane to do that when I have a shiny new sewing machine!).  Ladies with sewing machines: any tips?!  It looks so scary and easy to make a mistake.  I guess like any new gadget, you just have to get used to it.

I had grand plans in November to make a bunch of cute fabric ornaments this year to attach to my gifts -- we'll see if being done with this project inspires me to get going.  Only ten more days to Christmas!!!

PS Super neat!


  1. How impressive! I'm working on a craft now that I thought would move along quicker than it is, so I can totally relate...the pillow looks great, btw! Love the lighter colors, too!

  2. So cute!!!! Get that sewing machine up and running! I really want one someday!

  3. It's easy to get intimidated by a new machine, but treat her like a friend and you'll soon get the hang of it. Start small...plug it in. Pull out the instruction manual over coffe. Put the needle in. Add the thread. It's all about baby steps. And then give yourself permission to just "practice". Your first 100 projects don't count, they're all practice. Before you know it you and your machine will be best friends.

    If you run into trouble, there are tons of great tutorials on YouTube just waiting to help you out.

  4. Ashley, it's that the worst?! Hoping your project finishes soon!

    Thanks so much, Kate!

    SeriousSewing, thank you for the encouragement! You are so sweet. Thanks for stopping by!


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