Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That Magical $5 Gift

With office holiday parties, get together's with friends and stockings to stuff, we all need a few random gifts in that magical $5 range. These are always a little tricky because, of course, you want it to look like you spent more than just $5.  Here are a few I'm thinking about picking up!

1. Feathered owl ornaments, $2.95
2. Salong vase, $4.99
3. Dwell in possibilities notebook, $5.95
4. Doll ornaments, $2.95 each
5. Godiva Dark Chocolate Holiday Bar, $3.99

6. Steep Up to the Plate tray, $5.95
7. Two Piece Wine Pourer and Stopper, $4.94
8. Trivial Pursuit Steal, $5.24
9. Smart Money subscription, $5
10. Green Chandelier Earrings, $1.98

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