Monday, March 28, 2011

Things I restained myself from buying for your baby

My peers are starting to have babies. My peers! The idea of it has been settling in for months now, and I'm finally getting used it. Some dear friends are going to have actual (darling, precious, sweet-smelling!) babies living in their houses. And not at some far off date in the future - in less than nine months!

The best-est bonus from this new development is that I feel like I have full license to venture into the baby aisle of every store. I totally need fun gift ideas! Here are a few cute things I've restrained myself from - so far.

1. Polka Dot Swim Suit
2. When I Have a Little Girl
3. Liberty Baby Bibs (on my to-make list!)
4. Floral skirt leggings
5. Baby sunglasses

P.S. I guess all the babies I fantasize about shopping for are girls?! No real surprises there - most of my wardrobe is tinted pink.


  1. Oh my word, the ruffled leggings are ADORABLE! I think Ronnie's baby needs them. She got a couple of ruffled-bum bottoms at her shower. So cute!

  2. you two are a couple of the sweetest, bestest aunties any little girl could ever have. just having you as influences in a little one's life is a treat (nevermind gold newborn flats and ruffle bottom leggings).

  3. Baby girls are just so much more fun to shop for!

  4. I love the title of this blog post!

  5. Beautiful baby things! That pink polka dot swimsuit is super adorable!

    Speaking of babies, while in New York Matt and I wondered how one would have a baby in the city! Who babysits? Do people use carseats in taxis? Just curious! We know babies obviously exist in NYC, but coming from a town in Oklahoma where relatives are usually close by to lend a helping hand, we wondered!

  6. Bryn, aren't those the cutest?! I actually wish I could wear them, too.

    Ronnie, being a gushy auntie is basically the best job I've ever had.

    Emily, you're right! There are a few cute things for the boys, too, though...stripes and fun bright colors.

    Ha, Kate, thanks!

    Melissa, it's funny you say that because I feel like a recurring conversation I have w/ girlfriends goes something like, "I know people have babies here, but how does it actually work?!" Your taxi question has me wondering, too - I've never seen it, so I'm not sure!

  7. friends with babies are equally thrilling and terrifying...we attended a baptism this weekend and it was astonishing to see just how many of our friends now have little-ones...

    and i agree - it's so much easier to think about buying for girls - everything's just so sweet!

    looking forward to seeing how those bibs turn out!


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