Friday, April 29, 2011

Gin and spice and everything nice

It has been an exciting and eventful week for us. There are no real plans on the horizon this weekend, and I am beyond thrilled. I hope my future contains a long walk through the farmer's market, a belated viewing of Jane Eyre and maybe, just maybe, one of these delightful gin cocktails.

Peter created this based on a fun looking non-alcoholic drink in the latest Bon Appetit. Smart man: gin improves almost everything.

Cucumber, mint and basil soda with gin
One serving

You will need:
2 oz. gin
5 oz. soda (or a combination of soda and tonic if you like you're drinks on the sweeter side)
4 thin slices English cucumber
6 leaves fresh basil
6 leaves fresh mint

Dump everything into a glass and stir. Add ice and mix around again. Cheers!


  1. You will love Jane Eyre! Can you believe I never read the book (or was even familiar with the story)? The ending was a total surprise!

    Enjoy your plan-free weekend! Those are the best.

  2. Kate, I did love it! Such a good interpretation of the book. Hope you had a happy weekend!


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