Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Luckiest day of the year?

According to my horoscope, today is one of my luckiest days of the year. The pressure! The excitement! I've been looking for signs all morning. Here's how we're stacking up:

  1. When the alarm went off, Peter was having a dream about Beatles songs. I hate the Beatles. Unlucky. 
  2. On my street, this cute little droopy tree is covered in the most darling pink blossoms. Lucky!
  3. The subway was crazy crowded and someone was eating a banana - only the worst smelling and sounding fruit there is. Unlucky.
  4. Walking to my office this morning, I nearly ran into a very grubby looking Judith Light. Lucky?
I'd say we're about even so far. Maybe I should get crazy wild and buy a scratch ticket or something! 


  1. You almost ran into Angela Bower?! Lucky, indeed!

  2. Isn't that funny?! I tried to think of the Who's the Boss theme song afterwards, but all I could come up with was Charles in Charge! Wrong 80s sitcom.

  3. that lucky peony is beautiful!!!! i want it to be my luckiest day of the year too! :) CUTE blog!!!

  4. "...brand new life, brand new life, brand new life around the bend". I just saw an episode of Who's the Boss the other week. Nothing else was on.

    But when you mentioned Judith Light, I instantly thought of her from Law & Order: SVU. Either way, it seems lucky that you had an encounter with her.

  5. Thanks, Ashley! I love that print, too. So pretty.

    Bryn, you are so good!


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