Friday, April 1, 2011

Wedding wear

We have a bunch of weddings this spring and summer for friends and loved ones. Lucky for me, most involve entirely different groups of people, so I can wear the same thing to each one! I'm having trouble deciding on that one a special purchase, though. You ladies are brilliant and always look lovely. Help?!*

Pretty and romantic. Plus, Grecian style dresses look really awesome on me.

Don't you hate it when you're at a fun hotel wedding and toward the end of the night, some drunk groomsmen decide to jump into the pool? And you never do because you don't want to ruin your pretty dress? Me too. Problem solved!

Such a gorgeous color, plus lots of room for all those passed apps and cupcakes I have a special talent for consuming. 

Thoughts, sweet friends?! 

*Happy April Fools Day! Besides, you already know I'm wearing Lilly, right?!


  1. I think you should wear white. That's always a hit at weddings. Everyone wants to talk to the girl in white.

  2. Julie you are tricky! At first I was like, hmm, she must be thinking of another color for that dress... then I caught on to you! Happy April!

  3. Bryn, those were my thoughts exactly :)

    Happy, happy April to you, too, Beth!

  4. Ha! Love this April Fools post :) You are crafty!!!!

  5. Thanks, Cat and Melissa! I couldn't resist just a tiny April Fools joke...


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