Friday, May 20, 2011

Celebrations galore!

(My pretty sister helping remove my wedding veil last summer!)

Big weekend around these parts! My little sister is graduating from college tomorrow and, as my Mom would say, "About to go live!" Sal, I am super-duper proud of you and am so excited for all the fun adventures you're going to have in grown-up life. It's really fun, I promise. And! Don't worry, your present is in the mail :)

Sadly, we are going to miss the big event, but it's for an excellent reason. One of my oldest and dearest friends is getting married tomorrow!

Ashley moved to the town where we grew up in at the beginning of fourth grade, and we met on the very first day of school. Many years later, on my very first night in New York City, I met up with Ashley and got to meet her new boyfriend, the charming Adam. It's so fun when your friends end up with people you adore (and is sadly sort of rare, right?!) That definitely happened in this case. I can't wait to celebrate with them tomorrow!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, all!


  1. Have a marvelous weekend! What a fun marriage to celebrate :)

  2. What a fun a good wedding!!

  3. Oh man, grown-up life. I'm not so sure about the 9-5...

  4. Thanks, Lizzy and DesignChic -- I am a huge fan of wedding weekends, too!

    Sar, you are most welcome.

    Iris, the 9-5 can be a bit of a drag, it's true. But with it comes $, which makes it worth it in most cases!

  5. Congratulations to Sarah! Neal & I also had a wedding weekend. So fun!


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