Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This was a whirlwind weekend, taking us from Philadelphia to Delaware to DC and back again to NYC! Oh my. On the way down to DC on Saturday, we stopped at The Wellwood in Charleston, Maryland for a giant basket of crabs. They set up a sheet of kraft paper on our table and gave us tiny knives and wooden mallets. Then we got to smash those crabs! I'd never done it before, and it was so fun. I'm sure there are lots of great places to visit for crabs in this part of Maryland, but the Wellwood was excellent!

On Monday, we went to the Battery Park movie theater and got to hang out in lovely air conditioning for the afternoon. By the time we came out, the weather was cooler and a little breezy. We took a walk all through Battery Park City. In our four years here, I don't think we ever visited this part of the city. It was so nice to see the sail boats in the water and pretty gardens along the path. I almost forgot how mad I was at NYC earlier that day when I hauled my laundry down the street and then discovered I was one quarter short and had to go back home for more change. Almost.


  1. Using a laundry mat, I think would be frustrating. But living in NYC would probably make up for it! Ha!

    Why are you guys moving to Boston? Did I miss that?

  2. Melissa, you are funny! The laundry mat situation gets more annoying as the years go on :)

    We're moving to be closer to family and have a little bit more living space (for a lot less $!). I'll definitely miss lots of things about New York, though!

  3. Oh my word, only 1 quarter?! How awful! The rest of your weekend sounded great, though!

  4. One quarter?! Bah. I would have given you one.

  5. Bryn and Kelly, I KNOW! One little quarter! Thanks for your sympathy :)


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