Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Can't stand the heat

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Peter tried to convince me last night that we should install our air conditioner in anticipation of the 95 degree days heading our way later this week. He'll probably win this one (even though I hate air conditioning so).

Here are a few no cook (or almost no cook!) meals I've bookmarked lately: 
I'm always on the look out for ideas that fall outside of sandwich territory -- those don't really feel like dinner to me. What do you make when the thought of turning on your oven is too much to bear? 


  1. I have this problem every year--and can never remember how I got through the summer the previous year. Thanks for the ideas, I'm so making those roast beef summer rolls!

    I did have some successes during the last heat wave over Memorial Day--I made a taco salad with lettuce, black beans, corn, scallions, tomatoes and lots of avocado in a cilantro-lime dressing--topped with crumbled tortilla chips--highly recommend! And also one night made a big batch of hummus and cut up some veggies and pita bread to dip in it. Or I make Devin cook. He doesn't mind cooking in the heat as much as I do!

  2. This one does involve some sort of heat but it's quick...Omlettes. Beat a couple eggs, pour in pan, wait until fluffy, add toppings, enjoy!

  3. i hate air-con, but here it gets to 40+C, so we had to have it on at our rental apartment. fortunately now we live in a stone house which keeps out the worst of it - love it!

    i tend to eat a lot of salads from any veg that is nice raw. red cabbages are nice, good relishes and dressings are a must. and lots of fish.

  4. Beth, your taco salad sounds so good! I'm totally going to make that.

    Kristina, you can't beat eggs in the quick, easy and cheap categories :)

    Monica, love your point about making sure to use dressings and relish -- they can make a plate of veggies feel much more fancy and like a full meal!

  5. Ah, your dinner ideas all sound DELISH! My hubby doesn't seem to go for salads or sandwiches for dinner, but with this nasty heat, he may have to change his ways :)

  6. i miss the heat - it's been cool over here in the UK - but i have my fan out just in case it warms up! let him win the a/c debate, you'll be so much happier and you won't wake up in the middle of the night...

  7. I always seem to cook and roast on the hottest days of the year. You are way more prepared than I am...

  8. The roast beef summer rolls look amazing! What don't you like about AC? Or is it just the instillation of the window unit? When I don't feel like turning on the over, I get something out.

  9. Lizzy, good luck cooking in this heat!

    mbb, your advice helped tip the scales -- the AC went in, and I was so happy last night when it was 90 degrees at 10 PM!

    Kelly, I've cooked in the icky heat too many times to risk it now :)

    Bryn, I'm an AC diva! I just like the windows open during the few months of the year when we can do that. BUT I am happy we put it in, all the same.


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