Thursday, August 18, 2011

House tour: The backyard

I'm going to start the house tour with one of my favorite places: the back yard! I can take no credit for the lovely state it's in; our landlord is an excellent gardener. But luckily we are invited to reap the benefits of her labor!

Look at that basil! I pull giant handfuls off almost every day, and it still looks like a beast.

Someday I'm sure we'll be in charge of our own lawn and garden. For now, it's absolutely amazing to not lift a finger and just enjoy the space!


  1. What a beautiful space! That basil plant is a monster - and I do envy you that hammock! Perfect for reading.

  2. NO WAY! Your backyard is just so beautiful...I'm really jealous! Enjoy the rest of the summer out there.

  3. Katie, I haven't read in the hammock yet, but it would be absolutely perfect!

    Thanks so much, Janet!

    Ashley, you guys need to come visit soon and enjoy it with us!


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