Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NYC: Cheap eats

When eating out in New York, we focused most of our attention on occasional fancy places, but sometimes, you just want to go out and have someone else make you a meal. These were a few of our favorite inexpensive spots!

Bark Hot Dogs: This was right around the corner from our old apartment. It's a nice combination of hip, eco-friendly and creative. Peter loved their crispy pork sandwich.

Caracas Arepas: We had such a great time here, I'm still sad we only discovered it just before our move. The wait can be long, but it's totally worth it! Go get a frosting shot from Butter Lane afterward, okay?

Chip Shop: Kitschy and festive and filled with authentic British treats. We had fancy British soda, fish and chips and fried candy bars, and loved every deep fried second of it.

Eataly: This place can be a little overwhelming, but I think it's a great spot to take visitors for lunch. There are so many yummy choices, and browsing through all the lovely Italian food-stuff is such a treat.

Family Store: Located in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, I know this one is a bit off the beaten path for most. It's worth the trek, though, I promise! They make amazing hummus, stuffed grape leaves, homemade yogurt and baklava. We would get an assortment of all different salads and sides and have a couple bites of each.

Pete's Waterfront Ale House: Peter offered to write up this little description, but I feared he would gush too long -- he really loves this place! It's a fantastic bar that serves free popcorn, lots of different kinds of beer, yummy pub food, and has a seriously amazing staff. We were both in love with Mary, the super sweet bartender who works on Friday nights.

Red Hook Ball Fields: Dirt cheap tacos, pupusas, plantain chips, grilled corn and fresh juice.

Tom's: We're not super into brunch, but I inherited a soft spot for diners from my Dad. They've got crazy decorations everywhere, a giant menu, and they'll bring you coffee while you're waiting in line for a table.

I know I've probably missed some great ones -- where do you go for cheap, fun meals in NYC?


  1. I'm all about having someone else make me dinner every now and then. Looks like another good list.

  2. We visited Caracas last night! So insanely good. Did you ever eat at Bogota Bistro? I wonder how it compares (doubt anything could be as good as Caracas!).

    We recently figured out which veggie dogs Bark uses, so we haven't been back since (though they have a salted caramel shake, judging by their menu)!

  3. Thanks, Melissa!

    Kate, we did go to Bogota a few times, but I wouldn't go out of my way to recommend it, if you know what I mean :) A bit better than ordinary, but not by much.

  4. shake shack! cliche i know. but it's good nonetheless. i gotta make it down to caracas.

  5. Rebecca, yes to Shake Shack! Excellent addition to the good cheap eats list. Thanks for stopping by!


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