Friday, October 28, 2011

October snow

(via LIFE)

Last night Peter and I went out to Ashland and met my Dad for dinner. When we came out, huge snow flakes were swirling around all over! And there's more in the forecast this weekend. Mother Nature wants to remind us that we are back in New England.

This weekend, I'm having lunch with a dear girlfriend, my mother-in-law is coming for a visit, and I'm going to try to collect all my supplies for the chair project. Also - just to be festive - I'll probably have to eat a lot candy.

Hope you have a wonderful (maybe snowy!) weekend!


  1. It's due to snow here tomorrow... hard believe! It's like we never had a fall.

  2. After such a mild fall this burst of wintery weather seems crazy!!! Are you going to dress up for Halloween and sit out on your cute porch to pass out candy?

  3. passport, I heard that it was coming to NYC, too! Such a fun way to end October.

    Laureen, we are going to be Emma and Mr. Schue from Glee! I hope we get some kiddos.

  4. i'm officially jealous! goodness, i wish for snow! enjoy it!

  5. brie, it was such a strange, early storm! Maybe you all will get one in the UK soon, too. Stranger things have happened!


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