Monday, November 7, 2011

Serious camping

We took a little hike in Mount Greylock this weekend. It was so pretty inside the woods. A lot of the ground was still covered in snow, but it was warm enough to not wear a jacket!

Peter loved it so much that he has rapidly shifted from not wanting to take even short, easy hikes with me to trying to convince me that we should camp at a site that has no bathroom, shower, or access to our car. I think I'm about probably 25+ easy hikes away from making that leap.

Have you ever done serious camping? Like, hike a couple miles before you set up your tent and pretend your Thoreau?


  1. oh i love it. grew up camping in the canadian wilderness - was a camp girl through and through. would give just about anything to be on a lake with a canoe and a tent and a good book. there's something incredibly liberating about waking when the sun does and sleeping after you've been outside all day working hard and filled yourself with food from a campfire.

    do it!

  2. I've never done hardcore no access to bathrooms, shower, or civilization kind of camping. My in laws take their airstream all over the country & go on long day hikes. Then they come back to their comfy airstream at the end of the day! They've actually made me want one!

  3. clearly I have not ;) beach camping was as close as I get to that type of adventure!

  4. brie, you are such a pioneer woman! I'm super impressed (and encouraged!).

    Melissa, that air stream sounds like the PERFECT intro to camping trips :)

    BBL, you and me + baby luther for a serious camping trip next summer? Yes?! YAY!


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