Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Oh, tannenbaum


Yay, here is our first real tree in all its glory! This past weekend was a non-stop holiday fest. We went to the most wonderful Christmas concert at Boston College, a holiday market at a local school, got our tree, and made a the most delicious cassoulet (minus the ick tomatoes, obviously).

All weekend, I kept saying to Peter how pretty and festive our house looked, and how fantastic it smelled. Inside, I kept thinking how grown-up it felt to have a real live tree. I wonder why this symbolizes adulthood to me? 

On a somewhat related note, I keep dreaming that I wake up to find all the needles on the floor, and the branches totally bare. Are my tree dreams telling me I'm secretly afraid I'm failing at adulthood?!?! Deep, deep fraser fir thoughts. I might be a little too attached to my tannenbaum.


  1. Such a beautiful tree! Maybe you've just watched A Charlie Brown Christmas too many times? :)

  2. Such a pretty tree! And your weekend sounds divine!

    I hope your tree keeps all it's needles till after Christmas :)

  3. It looks beautiful and, my, how festive you are with all of your holiday events.

    And, is that a silver side table? Love it!

  4. Katie, maybe that's it! Much better explanation :)

    Thank you, Melissa!

    Ashley, it is a silver side table! We took a few things from Peter's Dad's house over Thanksgiving. This little table got spray painted silver over the weekend. I love it so much!

  5. thanks for your comment on my blog, julie! your words meant a lot, and your tree is just lovely. :) here's so succeeding at adulthood, one baby step at a time!

  6. So cozy! Sounds like your December is off to a great start!

  7. we got our first tree this year too - obviously! and it completely makes me feel like a real adult...i absolutely concur!

  8. Anne, a lovely motto. Thanks for stopping by.

    Emily, it is! Though not quite as eventful as your month :)

    brie, yay for first trees and special celebrations!


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