Monday, December 19, 2011

Springtime in Paris

(photo courtesy of my sister)

Fun news - we bought tickets to visit Paris in April! I've been wanting to do this trip for a long time, and I'm thrilled to pieces that we'll be going in a few short months.

Because we're both researchers (stereotypical first-born children!), Peter and I stepped into planning mode very quickly. We have books on hold, websites book marked, apartment rentals researched, and an ever-growing list of restaurants to try. If you have any can't miss items to share, I'd love to hear! Merci bien!


  1. ooh! paris, in the springtime - so much fun!

    there's a pretty good bike tour company called fat tire bike tours, they do night and day tours and rides to versailles - really good.

    le duree, a MUST! -

    and this place on the ile saint louis - is hysterical, and very fun - you start with a bowl of vegetables and a plate of meat, it's all very french:

    here's our paris weekend - last november.

    oh oh so much fun - definitely one of our favourite cities!

  2. I love Paris in the springtime - any time, really. :) I have cafe and bookshop recs galore - I'll email you. And I second Brie's mention of Fat Tire tours. So, so fun.

  3. How fantastic!! I'm certainly no expert on the city (though I've been twice in the fall), but maybe I'll search around and find a few places that are must-see. What a fun trip to look forward to!

  4. Oh HOW FUN!!! I'm really, really wanting to take a European vacation...

  5. Thanks very much, ladies! Vacations are so fun.

    Brie and Katie, I LOVE Fat Tire tours! I did one as a student, and already have plans to do it again.

    Katie, I'm excited for your cafe/bookshop email :)

  6. Doing a little catching up on blogs... this is SO exciting!! YAY!! If you find yourselves in Montmartre for lunch or dinner, I recommend Le Moulin de la Galette! You should sit outside in the back garden area underneath the windmill! So quaint!


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