Monday, January 30, 2012

Early favorites: Boston restaurants

We haven't been in Boston very long - just over six months! - and we're slowly trying new restaurants around the city. Here's a little list of early favorites if you're ever in town and find yourself hungry. Also, come visit me! It's yummy here.

Craigie on Main: A splurge-y spot that makes ordinary things extraordinary (think roast chicken, pate, Brussels sprouts).

Island Creek Oyster Bar: Dinner at the bar is the way to go here. You get an amazing view of the whole place, and have an up-close view of the expert oysters-shuckers and and fancy cocktails-makers.

Paddy's Pub: Perfect Friday night spot for us. Cute decor with inexpensive, superior pub food. The Local used to serve this purpose for us, but we've since moved on. The Local's Parmesan fries remain amazing, though.

Russell House Tavern: A fun spot near Harvard that works equally well for lunch and dinner, groups and a date. Also, excellent opportunities to listen to pretentious Harvard undergrads if you go on a weekend night!

Strip T: The young (very handsome!) chef is a Momofuku Ssam Bar alum, and he came back to Boston to run his Dad's diner about the same time we arrived. The food is truly amazing. But during our dinner there, I couldn't help but compare the crowds from his old establishment to the new. In NYC, ironic huge glasses and lots of vests. In Boston, completely un-ironic huge glasses and vests. Oh Boston!

The Publick House: Fab fish and chips, fancy mac and cheese and many, many beers on tap.

These are all high up on our to-try list: Oleana (thanks to a long-ago recommendation from Ms. Curieuse!), Hungry Mother and Toro. Any suggestions to add to our list?! This is basically my favorite game ever, so please don't hold back!


  1. I ate at the Publick House last time I was in Boston. Yum!

    1. How fun! Love that place. It's perfect for visitors!


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