Friday, February 3, 2012

Here Comes the Sun

I bought a tiny bouquet of daffodils and a big pile of forsythia branches at Trader Joe's last weekend. They both slowly opened up throughout the week. I'm not usually drawn to yellow, but this shot of sunshine throughout the apartment is absolutely delightful.

That middle photo is an artichoke tart with polenta crust - basically the best thing I've made in a while. It was inspired by this recipe posted on The Wednesday Chef, but I'm not good at following recipes exactly. I subbed out the goat cheese with blue, replaced the scallions with leeks, and threw in a handful of grapes just for fun. Holy moly, this was good.

Happy mellow yellow Friday!


  1. I absolutely love how fresh flowers can perk up a space too...have a lovely weekend! Xoxo

  2. So pretty! And so is your bedroom! What are the three little things over your bed?

    1. Thanks, Beth! Those are framed pieces of sheet music from when my mom and her sister's played piano as kids. Good eyes!


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