Wednesday, March 28, 2012

2nd Anniversary Gift: Cotton

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Our second anniversary is coming up in a few months, and I haven't hit upon something that I'm super excited about, like last year's anniversary painting for the paper year. The traditional gift is supposed to involve cotton.

Bedding, cloth napkins and a picnic blanket would all fit the bill - and I absolutely adore the selections above - but they're sort of boring, no? I would never buy a cotton candy machine, but I thought was too cute not to include :) And of course, you guys know how I feel about gin. Perfect gift for everything! It made its way onto the list because of the cotton gin - GET IT?

I have another post on the docket with some ideas for the modern second anniversary gift - China. Contain your excitement, please!

Anyone out there have a brilliant 2nd anniversary gift idea to share? I'd love to hear!


  1. What an adorable roundup! Cotton candy is such a great idea. And I chuckled over cotton gin. Shawn and I need a bottle for our bar cart - I love Hendricks, but it's a bit too herbal for negronis. Do you have another kind you love that is a bit more neutral?

    Our 7th anniversary is on Sunday and even though we said "no gifts," googling the traditional gift for this year was on today's to-do list.

    1. I know what you mean about Hendricks - it's best with a cucumber and a splash of soda! Have you tried Farmers Organic Gin? It's very clean tasting. I think it's even sold at the liquor store next to Flatbush Farm! And Tanqueray always seems to be good mixing choice.

      Seven years - yay!

  2. Julie, I got Neal a 100% cotton tea towel with baking conversions printed on it (2 tbsp = 1 oz, etc). Similar to this one, but I got it in white with black writing:

    I also got him a Chicago neighborhood print, which I need to show you a pic of later. The print was his main gift, but I wanted to give him something cotton, too. Good luck gift searching! (I've already started to think about what kind of leather gift I could get for Neal this fall.)

    1. That towel is cute (and handy!). These traditional gifts are tricky - leather is going to be kind of tough! Excited to hear what you end up with :)


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