Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Sunday Dinner: Steak with Ramp Pesto and Crispy Shallots

Throughout the summer, I am sharing a peak at our Sunday dinners. That is when our most pretty, fun cooking takes place, and this is a record of all that good stuff. I hope you enjoy!

I am making a serious effort to be better about buying organic produce and meat. My thrifty nature fights against it, but lately I've been making great strides. It's not that much more, and for taste and health purposes, I can usually be convinced that it's worth it. 

This beauty is an organic, grass-fed blade steak - have you had it before? The butcher told me it is the same part of the animal that flank steak comes from, but cut across the grain instead of with. It was fantastic! 

At the store, I saw a curly bundle of ramps for the first time this spring, and had to scoop them up. This pesto had olive oil, yogurt, a big squeeze of lemon juice, lemon zest, and a healthy dose of salt and pepper. I boiled up some new potatoes and tossed them in the pesto, too. The big finale with crispy shallots on top of the steaks. Why are those little guys so good? Onion ring good, if you ask me. 

Summer Sunday Dinner - Lightened-up Steak House Fare 


  1. Looks delicious Julie. Confession: I had to google ramps because I'd never heard of them before. I bet that made a delicious pesto sauce!

  2. oh my word. that is a perfect meal! i've just had breakfast but i could eat that if it would teleport through my computer screen!


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