Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Game Day

I went to an entire football game! And it was fun, you guys! Mostly because the team we were cheering for won. My main problem with my budding sports fan-dom is that things regularly don't go your way. I know this is the deal - sometimes you win, sometimes you lose - but I'm really bad at that. I'm always threatening to jump ship when things look dire to root for the other guys.

After the game, Peter's parents and siblings all came to our house for dinner. We made cassoulet, and it was really good - perfect post-game food. My brother- and sister-in-law were so impressed. "This looks so good! You should take a picture and blog about this!" I claimed it would be terrible - a photo that would inspire absolutely no one to make it. No greens, lack of natural light, live sausages poking through! I'm showing you anyway (obviously).

Try not to crash Pinterest with this one, okay?!

P.S. My favorite players on the team.


  1. glad your team won, it does make the sportsfan thing so much easier - we're deep into rugby season here, luckily i understand and enjoy rugby!

    and can you point us in the direction of the recipe for that cassoulet? it looks like something that should make its way onto my dinner table!

    1. Yes, sorry about that! I'll update the post with a link, too. This one calls for duck, but I used chicken thighs instead: http://www.amateurgourmet.com/2008/03/cassoulet_in_10.html


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