Thursday, December 6, 2012

Quick Craft: Holiday Pillows from Napkins

I love all the special holiday pillows from Pottery Barn and West Elm so much, but I stopped myself from buying them. Making pillows is so easy - all I needed was some fabric.

At Marshalls, I took a peak at the seasonal tea towels and cloth napkins, and found these pretty ones from April Cornell. I got four for only $5.99! I made a simple envelope pillow cover (using some old Ikea fabric for the back), and put it over 16 inch pillow fillings I already had.

There are still two napkins left. Hopefully I'll get my act together to make a few little stockings or ornaments, too!

P.S. Even easier napkins turned pillow :)


  1. it's true isn't it - making a pillow cover is so easy you can never justify buying...good job, they look great!


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