Friday, January 11, 2013

West Elm-Inspired Pillow Covers

I walk by West Elm on my way to and from work - a very dangerous route. I am loving all the abstract silk pillows they started displaying in the windows these last few weeks - so fresh and pretty!

Last weekend I went to Freddy Farkel's in search of some new fabric for Euro shams (more on that later!), and I found a fantastic pink silk fabric in their remnants section. I bought a yard for only $4! These are just simple envelope covers - super easy to whip up. I may add a button in the back since the silk is a little slippery.

I'm so happy with the mini-refresh! This time of year, when all the holiday sparkle and cheer are being put away, I love to have a few new things in the mix at home.

P.S. Yes, that is the Christmas tree standing in the corner. I just took it down last night. The shame! But I miss the lights already.


  1. Love the new pillow covers! And I'm excited to hear more about these Euro shams your cooking up.

  2. So super cute! West Elm is THE DEATH OF ME. I went in there and left without buying anything for the first time EVER this weekend and I felt off all day. It just caaaallllls to me. I don't know how you resist day-in and day-out!


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