Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter Manefesto

I am the worst at winter. I think a lot of New Englander's share this quality, even though we should, in theory, be very good at it. But the months of cold and darkness take a toll.

This winter, I want to do my best to enjoy it, not just get through it. Here's my little list of fun to keep me inspired:

Dive into a classic * Add ten new albums to the iPod * Sew new living room throw pillows * Host a winter doldrums dinner (with invitations!) * Ski at least three times * Salt roast a whole fish * Force bulbs through March * Light candles every night * Watch all of Friday Night Lights * Invent a soup recipe * Set a new record in Jenga * Write a 10-minute play * Try two new Boston restaurants *

Are you good at winter? Please tell me what gets you through!


  1. Great ideas. And also, I can't encourage you ENOUGH to finish "Friday Night Lights". After all, you and Peter were the ones who turned us on to it. I promise Seasons 3-5 are pretty phenomenal television...especially with Tami Taylor.

    1. We started season three a few nights ago, and had such a hard time stopping. TT as principal?! The best.

  2. I love this list, Julie! I don't feel grrrreat at winter myself, but sometimes I think it helps to try and really savor the things that we'll miss once winter is gone--cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, watching a movie cuddled up under a blanket, rich winter foods...even tho it feels impossible while we're dreaming of the beach, there will be a moment in July when those things sound SO good. So we should try and enjoy them now! At least, that's what I'm telling myself ;)


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