Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowy Walk in the Neighborhood

For the first time since Friday morning, I left the house! It's gorgeous out today - bright blue sky, shining sun. There's still so much snow on the sidewalks that we mostly walked in the streets, ducking into driveways for any stray cars that passed. There's something disconcerting about walking in the middle of road for a rule-follower like myself, but it was so fun. And so nice to leave the apartment! Fingers crossed everything can open up tomorrow with a hitch.

Tonight we're heading out again to go down the street for a burger - I've already roasted a chicken and braised a pork shoulder this weekend, so it feels like a good night to go out. Hope everyone in New England survived Nemo all right! If you're still hunkering down, might I recommend this? It's awesome and intense.

Happy Sunday to all!


  1. I'm glad you came through the storm in good shape! I've been thinking about you and Peter.

  2. To echo Ann, I'm glad to hear you fared okay and didn't lose power. After a weekend in doors, I bet that burger was one of the best you've had in a long time! :)

  3. Thank you both! We were super lucky to just have the inconvenience of being stuck at home, which is, of course, no real hardship at all!


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