Monday, April 29, 2013

Springy Stuff I Want to Buy

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Happy Monday, friends!

Here are a few springy items on my wish list. Sometimes you just need do a little fake shopping, no? I actually did buy the top - Real Simple declared it the best striped shirt, and when Martha speaks, I listen. And I spent this gorgeous weekend inside, working on my final paper for my children's literature class, so I felt like I needed a prize for that. Ha! Maybe the bag will be my prize when I get my final grade? I think I could potentially drag this out for a while...

P.S. You know you live in Boston when your spring wish list includes a jacket, scarf, and pants!


  1. We MUST be friends because I'm wearing that LL Bean shirt as I type this. I kid you not.

    1. Too funny! You have fab taste, so I feel even better about my purchasing decision :)

  2. Get the bag when you finish your class! You need to treat yo'self!

  3. Love the striped top, but then I love all things stripes :)

    So funny about the spring jacket. I had a friend who moved to Boston which caused her coat and jacket count to great increase. She said that it was something you were always wearing, so why not have several different colors and styles.


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