Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jazz at the Mount

For the last few years, we've been trying to scoot over to the Mount around our anniversary. This year we walked through those lush woods on the way to the big house, and there were all sorts of crazy sculptures tucked into the landscaping.

At first I wasn't sold on them - the space is so gorgeous in its unadorned state - but then I found out they were done by students at a local high school. Pretty impressive, right? And how neat for them to have their work featured here!

We went for one of their music after hours events, which is such a neat way to see the property. You don't have to pay the usual admission fee, and you get to hear fun jazz on the terrace! The first floor of the house is open so you can explore a little bit (not as much as if you were going during their regular hours, of course, but still!). And you can stroll through the gardens and grab a drink from their terrace bar. We even saw some families with little kiddos camped out on the lawn with blankets and toys (you can see them below).

It's every Friday night through August 31, if you're interested! I'm totally biased, but I think the Mount is just the prettiest.

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  1. What a gorgeous property and sounds like a fun way to spend an evening!


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