Friday, September 27, 2013

All Golden and Sunny

We are going to Burlington, VT this weekend to celebrate our friends' wedding. I hope it looks just like this, all golden and sunny. I've been reading oodles of critical theory for class, so I brought nothing but magazines to catch up on for the entire weekend. This Old House, Real Simple, and New Yorker,  I'm coming for you.

Guess what, today marks four weeks since we've been living in our house! It feels much longer than that, though - I guess because so much is happening there. I love coming home every night during the week to see what's been done that day, but kind of hate being surrounded by everything gross on the weekends. Thank goodness we have lots of weddings coming up this fall to escape to :)

Hope you have a fantastic weekend with apple cider and magazines and colorful leaves!

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