Friday, October 4, 2013

Itching to make something cute

I'm sure my color ideas will change and evolve over time, but I've been sort of paralyzed to do anything until I felt like I had some kind of "master plan" in terms of paint colors for the house. I mean, to be clear, that's not the only thing stopping me from painting - five of the six spaces above are still covered in paneling, or don't actually have walls up at all. Ha!

But, I've been itching to make something, anything, in my house look cute for now, and the only thing that I can really dive into is my half bath on the first floor. I thought I might want to do some kind of stripe (like this), but I felt like I couldn't commit until I had a general idea of what would be going on around it. The back porch is behind it, which will be white with hopefully the glacier blue on the ceiling. Then the kitchen is on the other side, and I think that could end up being glacier white, too, for the near-term at least. So a cute khaki and white striped bath in the middle would be fun, right?!

Peter's away this weekend for a bachelor party on the Cape (I'm jealous). I have two papers to write, but maybe I'll feel ambitious enough to start this little project. Or just buy a cute hand towel at Home Goods for the bathroom and watch the rest of Drop Dead Diva season three - we shall see.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

P.S. My parent's beloved condo in the Berkshires was listed for sale this week! They found a house that they might want to buy instead, hence the listing. If you know anyone looking for a great spot up there, feel free to email me for more details!


  1. Great choices! I understand the urge...soon enough, soon enough. I love Farrow and Ball's colors but, gosh, they are EXPENSIVE! Maybe I'm cheap but I thought Benjamin Moore was expensive...though I'm glad we opted to use BM in our house.

    1. Oh my gosh, I know! I actually like Sherwin Williams best - I'm going to get these color matched there during their 40% off sale in November!


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